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There were a couple of memories and observations that remain with me from the days of using the Zoombinis and the other thinking games mentioned in the previous post.

Multiple Intelligences

There were often a few students in the critical and creative thinking course that had difficulty with the intensive writing in the course. They seemed to struggle when attempting to effectively express their thoughts and thinking skills in writing (and also in their oral communication). However, a number of these students did quite well with the computer thinking games. While observing them playing, I could see that they possessed considerable intelligence and some strong thinking and problem solving skills. The games had revealed abilities that had not been apparent in the more traditional measures of assessing student performance and achievement. I suspect that learning disabilities may have been a factor in at least some of the difficulties with language expression. The games were allowing them to both demonstrate their abilities and experience a sense of success and accomplishment, while also providing the teacher with a more complete assessment of their talents and thinking skills. Traditional forms of educational assessment may very well overlook these forms of intelligence to the detriment of student development and growth.



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