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I just came across two blog posts  that deal in a thoughtful way with the impact of Web 2.0 technology on education and the world at large.

1.   “Not Natives & Immigrants but Visitors and Residents by Dave White presents this dichotomy in an insightful and useful fashion in terms of planning for distance learning with students.

2.  In another blog post, Rob Paterson takes a broader look at the evolution of society through a Web 2.0 lens in his commentary  “The Social Web – A New World.” He compares the current transition to an earlier period in United States history.

“I think that Web 2.0 is not just a set of tools but is more a label for a real “New World” that shares many of the characteristics of America in its more innocent years – post the Civil War.  If it was just tools, any one could pick them up. No I think that Web 2.0 is a place.”

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It’s difficult to keep on top of all the new technology tools that may be useful for both educational and personal purposes, but fortunately there are some bloggers to assist us in weeding through the possibilities.

The first list was compiled by Jane Hart of the Center for Learning & Performance Technologies.    Her top ten tools for 2009 include a number of interesting possibilities ranging from SlideRocket (an online presentation alternative to PowerPoint) to Posterous which allows you to create and maintain a blog simply by using email.

If ten new tools are not enough to satisfy your desire for new technology goodies take a look at Larry Ferlazzo’s 31 top educational Web 2.0 Tools for 2008.  Larry teaches English language learners at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, California.

Larry offers a number of  additional technology lists on his blog, including the best online learning games for 2008.  I found his number one pick “Play the News” to be a well designed critical thinking activity.

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